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Use a USB Flash Drive to Keep Essential Files Always Available

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  USB flash drives can hold several gigabytes of data -- enough to make sure you always have in your pocket or on your keychain stuff like your latest projects files, Outlook files, photos of your house and equipment for insurance purposes, medical records, contact lists, and other essential information you would need with you in case of emergency or just for accessing on the go. If you sometimes have to work in different offices or travel a lot, USB flash drives are great tools for accessing your work files wherever you go.

  Important Note: Before you store any sensitive information on your USB flash drive, however, make sure you encrypt the drive so the data on it is protected in case it ever gets lost (an unfortunately likely scenario, with an estimated 4,500 USB sticks lost or forgotten every year in the UK alone, left in places like dry cleaners and taxis).

  USB File Management & Security Resources:

  Protect files on your USB flash drive: How to use the free, open-source encryption program TrueCrypt

  What to save on your portable drive in case of emergency: Records to save in an emergency evacuation kit (from About's Child Parenting Guide)

  Keep your desktop and USB files in sync: Use Microsoft's free SyncToy or Allway Sync, another free syncing program

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