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customize my design USB Flash Drive

  If you have good design and don’t want to choose the products we have made before,We can offer the mould opening service for you. We will try the best to reach your requirements,Here we offer some detail for model open.
A. ABS plastic mold  
Time:12 -30 days
Mold fee:8000-18000RMB (time and money cost shift with the complex degree of the shape)
LOGO:screen printing;
Advantages: unit price of the shell is cheaper and suitable for mass production
Disadvantage: takes a long time.
B. PVC mold  
Time:3 days
Mold fee:300RMB (the mold fee,, will be charged if the order less than 500 units.)
LOGO:could be molded along with the model, be plane or three-dimension. It also could be screen printing;
Advantages: need less time, it could make more than 200 units at a time with shapes and color in diversity
Disadvantage: unit price of the shell is little expensive
C. Metal mold  
Time:12-30 days;
Mold fee:5000-12000RMB (depend on the complex degree of the shape);
LOGO:screen printing and laser engraving;
Advantages: suitable for mass production
Disadvantage: takes a long time, and the cost of shell is less cheaper

Time schedule:

    1. We can provide 3D design for you within 2days after we receive your ideal.We will modification the design after you offer your requirements. Then we can produce a sample for you to check.
    2. After confirm all the above information, we can start our batch production for you. This time the model not changes any more.The production time depends on the amount your order.Your new bespoke USB Flash Drive will be delivered direct to your door after passing our strictly quality control.

Here are steps of open a new OEM USB Flash Drive mould

    1. Please kindly give us the 3D design, Clear AI format and your original LOGO picture.
    2. The 3D design should be with five Aspects (upward view, planform, front and back elevation, profile chart).
    3. The 3D design must include the information below: Front side Back side Logo (relief or silk printing)
    4. Product Dimension
    5. Pantone number.
  Tips:If your don’t have the 3D design, we’ll send you a professional 3D visual mock up within 24 hours after received your initial idea,You should provide us some information including An original picture (doodling), Product size, Pantone Number, Location of the mouth.
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